Nowadays, 3D Laser Scanning represent the base of “Reverse Engineering”. At the same time, it can be an accessible tool for new technologies such as “Twin Digital” or IoT. The maritime industry has proven over time that it is ready and eager to adopt the latest applications and ideas developed by researchers in the technical field.  

We are ready to offer support, based on the know-how gained over many projects, in the area of complementary competencies: 3-D Laser Scanning, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering.

3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud Data applications

Marine & Offshore

  • Environment Compliance
    Ship Retrofits: BWTS, Scrubber, etc.
  • EEDI Ship Conversion: Waste Heat Recovery System, Dual-Fuel Conversion, Air Lubrication 
  • Bulky equipment change: Sewage treatment plant
  • Full Ship Reconversion: Tanker to FSO or FPSO, PSV to Yachts, various ships to floating Hotels, floating Museums or floating Hospitals, etc.
  • Inspection: cargo volumes, deformations 
  • Newbuild Ships: comparison (as-built vs design), proof of QA for shipowners, digitalization of training spaces (Virtual Reality)
  • Research: ship hull scanning

3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud data services

  • 3D Laser Scanning Survey 
  • Point Cloud processing (raw scans done by us or delivered by client)
  • Consulting in the field of 3d laser scanning and point cloud processing
  • Consulting for the implementation of BWT and Scrubber systems
  • Basic and detail engineering 
  • FARO Focus  x130
  • FARO SCENE Software
  • OTHER Software capabilities that help us to import and process: .FLS, .ZFS, .e57, etc.
faro focus x130 scanner

Retrofitting your fleet will impact the cost for maintenance and improve the long term reliability of each ship.

In order to develop a Management Plan in the retrofitting process of the ship, it is mandatory to start with a 3D Laser Scanning ship survey.


Area of action

We are able to travel all European countries and World Wide on request! 


We supported projects in: ANGOLA, U.S.A., CANADA, SPAIN, DUBAI

Last year we scanned ships in ports like: Rotterdam, Terneuzen, Thessaloniki, Ravenna, Trieste, Augusta, Genova, Brindisi, Falmouth, Edinburgh, Constanta, Burgas, Braila.

Our geographical position allows us to acces by car main harbors in the northwest of the Black Sea: Port of Constantza (Constanta, Midia, Mangalia), Danube River Ports (Sulina, Tulcea, Galati, Braila), Port of Burgas, Port of Varna, Port of Ruse.

Braila, Romania